Hon. Dan Kwaku Botwe, Minister for Local Government and Rural Administration and President Akufo-Addo

The good people of the Republic of Ghana, renewed the mandate of the government 0f H.E, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and, of course, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on December 7th, 2020 polls. Without hesitation, a list of ministerial appointees was announced subject to parliamentary vetting and approval.

One such outstanding individual was the four terms Member of Parliament (MP), for the good people of Okere in the Eastern region of the republic, Hon Dan Botwe. His name is indeed a household name within our polity and a stalwart since the start of our fourth republican democratic journey.

Many political analysts and connoisseurs see his reappointment as a feather in the cup of the president in his resolve for results towards broadening the frontiers of democratic accountability, inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Dan is seen by many politically astute persons as one individual with a deep belief in centre-right ideals with great objectivity and a penchant for results.

The representative party and its rank and file lauded his approach on ensuring a strong party, leading the efforts at ensuring a successful party in government and consolidating its gain for the advancements of its trust of beliefs.

Renewed local government policy deliverables

Ghana like all other nations has been hard hit by the ravaging novel Covid-19 pandemic. The socioeconomic dynamics have steeply been tilted from over-relying in the case of African countries on foreign aids and goods and services through unbridled importation.

Our country, therefore, required a much self-reliant government, well-focused to help improve the growing needs of its citizens. It is, imperative that we have a much more diligent and clean pair of hands, (sectoral), to ensure that the government achieved its aims and vision for the people. Agencies such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (an organization that works to build policies for better lives) has alluded to the far-reaching socio-economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to foster stronger institutions coming up with precise policies across all sectors of the economy to mitigate the adverse impact of covid-19 on the vulnerable in society.

Research organizations, academia, political players and corporate Ghana suggests that improving local government administration, particularly in this era of Covid-19 required a much more concerted effort and approach having regard to the fact that, that sector encompasses the very critical mass of our society and a nearly alienated rural public.

The Ghanaian people are quite hopeful, that Hon Dan Botwe, comes to the ministry with sufficient wherewithal having been seen to have delivered successfully at the now-defunct Ministry of Regional Reorganization and Development (MORRD). The work of the MORRD resulted in the largely excellent creation of six (6) new regional capitals and local government delineations across the country.

The government of his Excellency, the President, succeeds on a dedicated team, pretty well-experienced sector ministers with the relevant acumen and skill sets to help hasten up the nation’s recovery from the ravaging shocks of the Covid-19.

New local government strategies across the board need be rolled out in strengthening up the decentralization system- modelled on best local and international norms towards accelerating national development. A climate of leveraging on internal policies by the State to leapfrog our program of a Ghana beyond aid could not be any relevant at the local government ministry than in our present hard-hit Covid-19 circumstances.

Of course, civil society concerns on the issues of whether or not MMDCEs ought to be elected awaits the honourable minister. These nagging questions including increasing the quantum of the District Assembly Common Fund and paying all Assembly Members remunerations awaits the minister since it formed a germane part of our public discourse on which he must necessarily proffer a solution in laying the matter to its perpetual rest.

‘Old Soldier’, ‘The General’, as the Hon MP is known to internal party supporters, presents as a committed and painstaking professional, ceased with paying attention to intricate details on matters of institutional efficiency, development and progress. The new minister for local government and rural development has shown crystal clear competence as an MP, and member of the executive in all portfolios he got appointed to and leaving behind scores of his success trails. Improving the circumstances of the whole superstructure in the area of staff development, institutional reforms, focus, remunerations and emoluments were critical issues bedevilling the local government mechanism and which is central to its performance lapse over the years. This the minister as a matter of urgency must take a holistic look at in the national interest.


Hon Dan Kwaku Botwe brings sterling qualities of affability, objectivity, great team spirit and a result-oriented mindset with pronouncing dexterity towards helping deliver on the overall government objectives of well-oxygenated local government machinery working to broaden prosperity and better the lives of the citizenry.

The Ghanaian public and in particular, members and sympathizers of his party could only wish him well on his new job as sector head of local government and rural administration. All MMDCEs would find in him, a petty receptive and consensus-building professional and politician!!

Nana Attafuah, A Mentee.

Source: Nana Attafuah, A Mentee.

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