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Some introduction to the card game
According lớn 91 club, Binh card is also known by names such as Xap Xam or Thap Tam Tuc. This is a game that requires participants lớn have logic skills and observation ability. In each game, from 2 to 4 participants will each receive 13 cards to arrange into 3 different suits.

The rules of the game require that the limbs be arranged so that the first limb is stronger than the next. Besides, they must be linked together lớn increase their chances of winning. For those who are familiar with this game, the way to play Binh card becomes very familiar.

Meanwhile, for newcomers, getting used lớn the gameplay may encounter some initial difficulties. However, through practice, observation and learning. Then everyone will gradually overcome challenges và advance in this game.

In each game, from 2 lớn 4 people participate

Basic Bai Binh terminology you need to understand
For new players, understanding và following the card placement rules is very important. Aim lớn increase your chances of winning with many great promotions waiting. Card arrangement rules in Bai Binh include:

Mau Bi: These are cards that cannot be linked lớn any other cards.
Pair: Consists of 2 cards of the same value in the same suit.
Animals: Each genus has 2 pairs, but animals cannot be placed in the last genus.
Straight: Is 5 consecutive cards. The last limb cannot have a hall. The straight starting with card A is the smallest, và the straight ending with card A is the largest.
Flush: Contains 5 cards of the same suit in one suit. The last limb cannot be arranged according to this rule.
Cu Lu: Includes 1 pair và một gray in one genus. The last limb cannot be stacked together.
Straight flush: Includes một string of cards of the same suit in one suit. The last limb cannot align this link.
Big straight flush: The branch has both the flush, the straight & the A card. The last hand cannot make this connection.

Understanding và following the card placement rules is very important

Detailed instructions on how to play Binh card
The game is not too complicated, but it is important lớn clearly understand the rules of card placement to ensure accuracy. In each game, players receive 13 cards and must arrange them into 3 suits. The first and second branches have 5 leaves, và the last branch has only 3 leaves.

The goal is lớn make sure the first limb is stronger than the hind limb lớn avoid a “sloppy” situation. Each player has 90 seconds to arrange their cards & the system provides hints if needed. But you can also sort yourself if you want, then each limb will be compared for 5 seconds.

In special cases, players can win without comparing their cards with their opponents. If both players” cards are equally strong và a winner cannot be determined, the bet will be divided equally.

The goal is to make sure the first limb is stronger than the hind limb

How to arrange cards lớn increase your winning rate
Smart card placement plays an important role, helping to turn losses into wins & optimize financial benefits. Here are some basic ways lớn play Binh card:

Sort in ascending order
Start by placing the weakest cards in the first suit (3 cards), then slowly stack up the following hands (5 cards). This method is often put lớn use by players who have already had enough experience

Prioritize halls, barrels và floods
You should arrange straight, flush or full decks of cards into larger branches to optimize their value. Meanwhile, strong decks can be placed in the middle and late branches in a trading phong cách. However, being flexible in how you arrange cards is also necessary.

You can put strong decks in the middle & late branches

3-blade principle
The way lớn play the card game in this way is to arrange the first hand as the straight, the middle hand và the last hand to form 3 pairs. The strength of these 3 pairs will depend entirely on each person”s playing style.

3-card rule
Place the strongest duo on the middle branch, while the last branch is Mau Bi. Applying this principle helps avoid the situation of “leaks”

What is the way to play according lớn the positive beast principle?
It continues according lớn the principle of placing strong limbs first, weak limbs behind. Arrange the cards so that there are 2 pairs in the first hand, the strongest pair in the middle hand & một pair in the last hand. Remember, in card playing, card arrangement is not only about following basic principles but also having lớn be flexible và calculated based on the specific situation và personal playing phong cách.

We hope that through this article, you have understood how lớn play Binh card and the meaning of this game, right? If you are especially interested in betting experiences, follow 91 club now lớn not miss the hottest news today. Thank you very much.